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REVIEW: Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye


Title: Seven for a Secret

Author: Lyndsay Faye

Publisher/Publication Date: Putnam, Pub. date Jul. 11, 2013

Seven for a Secret, the squeal to Faye’s Gods of Gotham, is set in New York City in 1845, shortly after the creation of the New York Police Department. Timothy Wilde, a talented detective, who gets pulled into a missing persons case by the lovely Lucy Adams. But there is much more to case than Wilde originally realizes since Lucy and her sister are of mixed heritage and New York isn’t exactly a staunch defender when it comes to preventing people from snatching supposed runaway slaves. Of course, there is always much more to the story than it first appears and Wilde quickly finds himself, his brother Valentine, and Lucy’s family, her sister Delia and her son Jonas, embroiled in a much larger conspiracy. The mystery as well as Timothy Wilde’s conflicts of conscious keep the plot moving along at a quick pace and never give the reader a chance to get board or distracted.

Not having read Gods of Gotham, I get the feeling that there were a number of things I may not have necessarily picked up on but overall the story is told skillfully enough that I wasn’t distracted by what I may not have known. For those of you that have seen Copper, there is a very similar tone given the comparable settings. Faye does an excellent job building her world and the descriptions of places and people serve as a real draw into the story. Her characters are also well fleshed out and tend to be good but flawed. One of my favorite things in a story is a character who is far from perfect but still manages to be a truly good person. Timothy and Valentine both fall into that category and it makes it wonderful to see how they navigate inside of a not necessarily upstanding world. Faye also isn’t shy about highlighting the issues present in the society of that time. 

Overall I was thrilled to have picked up Seven for a Secret and I am extremely eager to get ahold of Gods of Gotham and any future books in the series. Timothy Wilde strikes me as a character with real staying power and Faye obviously has the talent to develop storylines and characters to keep the series moving. 


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