Blame it on ALA2013

So this great thing happens at ALA and most conferences: You get swag. Some conferences have awesome and amazing swag, like books, while others have less awesome swag, like a plastic bag. ALA has amazing swag, specifically more galleys than a book nerd can dream of. So here I am, post-ALA2013, with this stack of galleys and I realize that the time for procrastination is over. I’ve been contemplating writing book reviews for awhile now and this seems the ideal opportunity.

So yeah, blame ALA2013 that there’s another blog floating around the interwebz. It’s totally their fault.

I don’t write reviews professionally and, to be completely honest, I don’t have a ton of experience doing it. So if you hate my reviews feel free to write a review of my review and send it over to me for review.

I’m about half-way done with my first galley so I should have a review up in a week or so. I might put together some reviews of things I’ve read in the past as well. So, that’s it for now.


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